Level 3


12-14 yrs old :: Middle School Prep
Training to Train.

Incorporate a greater since of thinking & decision making. Higher level of game play & skill development.

individual registration

spring season

Players qualify for league divisions by age and skillset.

Season Schedule

3v3 League + Skill Development
Starting Tuesday, April 18th
Tues.; Thurs.; Sat. (90 min sessions)
  • 2 weeks: Individual Skill Training | Learn to Train.
  • 2 weeks: Team Practice | Train to compete.
  • 2 weeks: 3v3 League Play (2+ games a night) | Compete to win.
  • *Certified Officials
  • *Communicating with Officials workshop
Additional Training

Franklin High School & Franklin Middle (SGS Campus)

South River Middle School

First I want to say thank you for a great program. I know both of my boys improved tremendously. I’m hoping to sign them up again.

Mary Ann

Excellent program!  I watched my son Khari grow as an athlete and a person by leaps and bounds.  Unfortunately, we will be moving out of state, but we will take all we learned along with us.