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The 3League was created by Coach Q James (BballLife Training) and Coach Audrey Taylor (Franklin HS Varsity Coach) to provide a platform for athletes to be able to develop skills & compete against their peers. Our concept is simple, a system of learning, understanding & applying. We provide a safe place to grow, encourage positive behaviors and inspire success on & off the court. Our program, Develop & Compete consist of the 3League (youth player development 3v3 & 5v5 league) , basketball skills academy, and incorporates empowerment & life skill workshops, discussion groups and more.

The 3League is a co-ed youth development program that combines skill training, practicing and league play in an controlled environment that encourages proper player development, decision making & leadership. The 3League embodies the true value of sports play, as well as the benefits of 3 vs 3 game play: everyone plays, more touches, less performance pressure, more action & fun! We also provides a safe & positive environment and supports athletes life & basketball goals on & off the court.

Program objective:

  • TEACH THE GAME – We teach them the why behind an action, move, and offensive concept. We develop play makers, not play runners. A positive environment is also necessary, we end every sessions with players and coaches encouraging each other even after a tough competitive game!

  • CULTIVATE LEADERS – This is what makes us different. We encourage our players to do more than play basketball. We provide job & volunteer opportunities, encourage philanthropy & community service, prepare young coaches in our Jr Coaching Program, as well as provide empowerment workshops.

  • PROVIDE RESOURCES – We provide our parents and players with resources needed to support our players journey. We have partnered with some amazing organizations!

First I want to say thank you for a great program. I know both of my boys improved tremendously. I’m hoping to sign them up again.

Mary Ann

Excellent program!  I watched my son Khari grow as an athlete and a person by leaps and bounds.  Unfortunately, we will be moving out of state, but we will take all we learned along with us.


My wife and I are very impressed with your 3League program and we wanted to share our feedback with you.

We are so happy we discovered the 3League training camp with Coach Taylor and Coach Q. All three of our kids are at different levels of development and we saw significant improvement in each of them over the 6-week program.

What impressed us most about the program was how the coaching team teaches the kids how to “think” the game in addition to their physical development. On both offense and defense, they learned the difference between reacting vs. reading the situation and how to respond in a way that leads to success.  The coaches are expert diagnosticians.  They study each child and direct them on their primary focus to improve their form and performance.  

They emphasize individual accountability while working in the context of the team. And they never let a kid “mail it in” – which was especially good for one of our kids who often focuses on doing the bare minimum.  The environment is one of encouragement and high standards without being high stress.

Most importantly, they care about the kids.  They make them feel good about their progress and propel them to want to work harder to succeed. We highly recommend the program, whether a child is a beginner, intermediate or advanced – elementary, middle school, or high school. 

The Lukomas

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Improving Basketball Performance Through Skill, Practice & Game Play.

Coach Q James