Level 4 + 5

power + Playmaker

13-18 yrs old :: Experienced
Training to Compete. Training to Win.

Develop aggressiveness & assertiveness with intense drills while building your understanding of the game. Execution on the foundation of what you learned in Prime.

individual registration

spring season

Players qualify for league divisions by age and skillset.

Season Schedule

3v3 League + Skill Development
Starting Tuesday, April 18th
Tues.; Thurs.; Sat. (90 min sessions)
  • 2 weeks: Individual Skill Training | Learn to Train.
  • 2 weeks: Team Practice | Train to compete.
  • 2 weeks: 3v3 League Play (2+ games a night) | Compete to win.
  • *Certified Officials
  • *Communicating with Officials workshop
Additional Training

Franklin High School & Franklin Middle (SGS Campus)

South River Middle School

First I want to say thank you for a great program. I know both of my boys improved tremendously. I’m hoping to sign them up again.

Mary Ann

Excellent program!  I watched my son Khari grow as an athlete and a person by leaps and bounds.  Unfortunately, we will be moving out of state, but we will take all we learned along with us.