develop & compete

student program

Providing a platform that gives young people the opportunity to prove themselves.

program purpose

To help prepare our youth for success in securing their dream job, career, college or starting something on their own.  We strive to ensure that the youth in our community has a level playing field when they begin their journey after graduation.

We envision a program that gives our youth the start they need to succeed in life during or after sports.


  • Cultivate leader
  • Empower youth to explore opportunities
  • Build Confidence & Life Skills
  • Provide resources for Parents
  • Volunteer hours for NHS & college application.
  • Leadership Development
    • Student Internship: Get on the job experience.
    • Jr. Coach Volunteers: Learn what it takes to be a successful coach.
  • Empowerment Workshops
    • Series of workshops – focused on financial planning, mental health, life strategies, bullying, drugs, etc. 
    • Health & Wellness – providing the knowledge they need to be healthy (physically & mentally) & perform at a high level.
  • Networking: connect & build with guest speaker(s). 
  • Discounts: events & clothing
passion 4 youth

about us

Passion 4 Youth provides affordable sports & educational programs to inspire youth to explore the possibilities.

Passion 4 Youth, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in central NJ. Our team is made up of well educated leaders, experienced coaches and mentors whom believe that the youth need our attention and guidance.